Black Lives Matter

TAG National sees schools as another of these contexts—a key site of the dehumanization Black lives. This is our lane and we have something to offer the movement for Black Lives in the context of schools. We salute organizations and coalitions that are putting their freedom (and therefore their lives) on the line through their direct action work. While we certainly have individuals within our member organizations involved with this direct action, we as a network of education justice organizations feel most suited and well-positioned to offer fellow educators and organizers resources for working with young people to understand and confront the mattering of Black lives. In this vein, we present curricula from our member organizations that provide text and context for dialogue and analysis about the humanizing center of the movement.

We urge folks who would like to use the resources to consider and understand that more important than any particular lesson, text, or activity is how we be with young people.  One must fundamentally live Black Lives Matter to teach that Black lives matter.