Save Ethnic Studies
This is the official site for the legal campaign to defend the Ethnic Studies program.


Repeal the Arizona Government Ruling Outlawing Teaching ethnic/racial Studies &r_by=921118

Tucson School Board: Don’t lock up knowledge, return books to students now!

Banning books. Erasing History. Save Ethnic Studies in Arizona


American Indians in Children’s Literature Blog
Debbie Reese has been aggressively covering both the issue itself and the various national efforts to support Tucson teachers and students.

Jeff Biggers Blog on the Huffington Post
Another great place for Tucson updates.

Rethinking Schools
Rethinking Schools had a book banned and has been posting updates from teacher Curtis Acosta in their blog.

A website organized to fight the anti-immigration laws in Arizona. Now focuses on the issue more broadly.


Precious Knowledge
This is a documentary about the situation in Tucson. You can go to this site to order the film. You can also view short clips that let you take a look at what happens in Mexican American Studies classrooms.

A caravan from Houston to Tucson carrying authors and activists who will be taking banned books back into Arizona to give away. The trip will take place March 12 to 17.

Banned Authors Respond
The Progressive has a collection of statements from authors whose books were banned in Tucson

Statement in Opposition to Book Censorship